Introduction Of Waterless Baths To Egypt

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Introduction of Waterless Baths to Iraq

Dr. Jerry Breshin
MAN 4720

Not that long ago, a bright young student invented the NoBath. The NoBath is a shower gel that does not require to be rinsed off. NoBath resembles hand sanitizer but it is not just that, it in fact lotions the skins instead of leaving behind the potent odor of alcohol like hand sanitizers. NoBath was originally intended on being a product massed produced for third world countries scarce with water and resources, but since there is no profit in the firm of Brightwaters International have decided that in order to fund the original intention of the creator for it must be released to the general public and introduced into countries that may find more need for a product like this one, but who may have the means to be able to pay for it so Brightwaters can collect a profit. NoBath requires no water to be used and that is the magic of the product. Just simply break the seals on the two separate containers and simply rub it on and you can either air dry like a hand sanitizer or towel dry to remove the excess debris, since there is no need to rinse we suggest lightly toweling oneself off to remove dirt or anything that may have built up. The two lotions combined for a lathering cooling sensation that cleans, restores, and lotions the skin. The market for NoBath is fairly small, which is why at Brightwaters we have started our own campaign to promote the end of the world sale in order to boost up funding for the international project. NoBath will be introduced to the Iraqi public in grocery stores under the Arabic equivalent name. Brightwaters will collaborate with an Iraqi agent who fills the criteria necessary. The agent must be a member of the Chamber of Commerce, an Iraqi national, live in Iraq and be at least 25 years old. According to the Department of Commerce it is wise to engage in business with a local agent although it is not a legal demand. The benefits of having a local agent are limitless especially those new to exporting goods. Brightwater will establish a local company, an LLC, as a distributor in coalition with the Agent in Iraq. This will allow the local company the control over any situation that it might run into. Brightwater and the Iraqi agent will be the sole shareholders of the company established. Since Joint-Ventures are unrecognized in Iraq this is the next best thing. After the company has been started the next step will be to acquire a foreign investment license. This license is easily acquired by filing out an application with the National Commission for Investment. The new company that was formed in Iraq will than register with General Commission of Taxation.
According to the Department of Commerce, “However, a poor distribution network, inconsistent electrical power, and inadequate water supply are challenges” (p.12). The good thing about the product we are selling is that it is not dependent on water, however employees are. The lack of water supply will only boost sales in urban areas and hopefully work its way out into the rural farmland and desert. The challenges of expansion will be the distribution network. Unfortunately two decades of war have left a lot of Iraq’s urban areas in ruin along with railways and highways. Repairs are in process and the government’s spending budget has increased 35% over the last year. The increase in the spending budget will not only help the distribution network by repairing the roads and railways, but will also help stimulate the economy and cause more Iraqis to buy products.
Another big barrier to entry is the ownership of land. Many Middle Eastern countries do not allow the ownership of land but instead offer long leasing options from the government. This is going to be a hurdle for business because it could cost more money in the long run if the law remains the same. According to Tafuri, “The Kurdistan provinces allow for ownership of real land. The Central government is