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Essay On Why a Scholarship Will Benefit Me

As a High School graduate in 2003, I focused on making money full-time and furthering my education part-time. At age 20, I became a single mother. A few years later, I had my second child. I continued to pursue my education off and on over the years. I was focused on getting my Associate’s in Business. In 2009 I attended a 10 month program that certified me as a Medical Assistant. I thought that certification would reward me with higher paying positions as a Medical Assistant. That was not true at all, and there is no room for growth as a Medical Assistant.
This scholarship would benefit me by giving me the ability to cover doctor’s expenses, make payments on my vehicle, and numerous other costs of living. This scholarship would grant me the significant amount of time needed to study for 12 credit hours of classes, which I will enroll in once students are allowed to enroll for the Spring 2014 semester. Being able to study is imperative to my academic success and passing each class with an A. This scholarship would give me the ability to nurture and engage with my 8 year old and 5 year old children.
Currently, I am two Biology classes away from completing my Associate’s Degree at Longview Community College. Additionally, there are three classes that I will enroll in for the Spring 2014 semester that are also required to fulfill my Degree requirements. Being awarded this scholarship will amplify my ability to navigate through my Spring classes with security of having financial support as a single