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INF10003 - Introduction to Business Information Systems


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INF10003-Introduction to Business Information Systems

Qantas trials new check-in technology
Qantas Airways Limited is an international and domestic airline based in Australia. It is as same as any airline organizations want to develop their systems' by analysis of competitive forces surrounding Qantas as an organization, according to Creedy (2010), is to think about how can to do to decrease queues in counter customer service at airport and replace it by use the technology system and share information to passenger by check-in system especially when Qantas start to provide the passenger electronic ticket from the web site and the "electronic bag tag that can automatically store details of up to four flights and will replace the traditional paper bar code."
(Creedy, 2010). This new system passenger does not need to waste large amount of time in queues.
If passengers check-in online or with their mobile before they arrive at the airport, they will be able to go directly to the bag drop. With the design by Marc News on, each tag contains world-first technology that synchronizes passenger details on their boarding pass or Qantas card with their baggage. Process model description:
Process model for Qantas is a graphic description of a process that showing the sequence of process check-in system process, which is developed for a specific: o Pre-new process model:

Figure 1- Old Qantas passenger check-in system

The Qantas passengers check-in process pre-new check-in system, which is seen in the figure 1; it is clear what process are done in many airports' around the world. This is now
Qantas’ ‘old’ check-in system. As a first step, a customer wanting to book a ticket for travel to the city or country must organize travel from an agent or from the site of a company. The traveler has to do many hours of work before he/she can take a seat in the plane. The second stage is where the passenger arrives at the airport, and then has to stand in a queue of airport

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Student Name: Ahmed Hassan M Arafshah

INF10003-Introduction to Business Information Systems

customer service counter until they arrive at the front and successfully obtain a boarding pass.
After that, if they have a bag, which they want put in cargo, they must check if the bag is overweight. In the case that it is, A fee is required to be paid, else, the employee has to issues the boarding pass and tag bag after complete the important traveler personal information to let the passenger goes to gate’s flight. o As-Is process model:

Figure 2- Qantas passenger check-in system

On the other hand, the new Qantas check-in system As-Is as seen in figure 2, the new process of the check-in system when the company implements the system, works by use the technology that depend on a web site of the company within smart card, which has all the travellers personal information on it. Also, it has replaced the traditional ticket which is can send the ticket number to the customer in 2D barcode, which is scanned by Kiosk. So the customer can make a booking through the