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How is IOS (I Phone) publicized? * flooded twitter, Facebook timelines, YouTube, and many other sites all over the web * Everybody has their set beliefs and opinions on which phone is better. * Android VS I Phone Presentation Aid. * Personally, I think the Android is the better phone for many reasons and you don’t have to agree with me but I will definitely give all of you something new to think about. * Cool android * The Android is affordable, durable, has variety as well as flexibility, and so many customizing features and apps that makes the device “cool.”
Excite audience emotion (Body): * Price: Android is a much better choice than the iPhone when it comes down to price. * Android phones range anywhere from 100 to 600 dollars. In contrast the cheapest iPhone is the IPhone 3G which costs anywhere from 399 and the latest IPhone 5 is 700 dollars * Reliability: * They are many who agree with me when I say that most Android phones don’t break easily. I personally have dropped my Android phone over twenty times on concrete as well as tile and my phone isn’t broken or even scratched. * Most Buyers don’t want to spend hard earned money on a device that doesn’t last or can’t be used long-term. * variety of options: * Since Android phones are made by a variety of manufacturers, buyers have a variety of options when choosing a device. Android phones come in many different sizes and colors; they also have different special features. * Variety of options choosing an Android phone * with a slide-out keyboard, * A mounted keyboard, or * No keyboard at all. * Buyers also have the option of choosing between different screen sizes and screen resolutions as well. On