Introduction To Information Technology (ITIT)

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Introduction to Information
Technology (ITIT)
Lecture 1, October 11-12, 2010

Introduction to Information Technology (ITIT)


Instructor: Joseph Yu

Ph.D. in Information Systems, NUS

Research interests:

Virtual Communities

Economics of Information Systems

Office: AB 360


Office Hours: Wednesday 13:00-15:00


Lab tutor: Lee Li

Office: Room AB 359


Office Hours: Thursdays 9:50am-10:50am

Lab tutor: Sherwin Sung

Office: AB 357


Office Hours: Tuesdays 10:00am - 11:00am


Lab tutor: John Twiname

Office: Room TB 314


Office Hours: Wednesdays 10:00am - 11:00am

Methods of Delivery


Based on assigned readings, which can be downloaded from the NEXUS system

Attendance not taken

Lectures may help you understand the assigned readings and identify contents that the instructor thinks are important

PPT slides for each lecture uploaded every Sunday around 17:00

The lectures will cover only 10% of what you are expected to know about the course. Students expected to read the assigned readings in order to do well easily in the final exam.


Log in using your university email account

Choose Undergraduate, Click “Go”

Choose “Introduction to Information
Technology” and Click “Go”

Choose “Convenor Page” and Click “Go”

This is the course website

Classroom Discipline






One lab per week starting from Week of Nov 1

Lab 1: WebCT and Microsoft Word

Lab 2: Microsoft Excel

Lab 3: More on Microsoft Excel

Lab 4: Microsoft PowerPoint

Lab 5: Lab Assessment (25%)

Lab attendance will be recorded. I will explain how it will be done online about one week before you start your lab session.

Labs (cont’d)

Microsoft Office is a productivity suite. It is supposed to increase your productivity. You should learn to use these applications effectively.

It is easy to overestimate your knowledge about these applications because they are What-YouSee-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) software

Quite a number of students failed their lab assessment last year…



See supp1.doc and supp2.doc from the course website


1 x 45 minute computer lab assessment –

1 x one-hour multiple choice examination –


Lab Assessment (25%)

In the final computer lab (Lab 5), you will take a test that is worth 25% of your final mark

Test your knowledge about Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

There will be multiple choice questions, as well as hands-on skill tests on using these applications

The skill tests will be graded by Word Grader and
Excel Grader, both downloadable from 


You may want to try them to get some idea how you will be graded.

Final Exam (75%)

Worth 75% of the overall mark for the course

Multiple-choice questions only

Test your knowledge of the information covered in the lectures and required course readings

According to the university’s policy, past year MC exams cannot be distributed to students for their revision. 16

Invitation to Participate in Research

I would like to invite all students to participate in research studies I collaborate with several researchers within UNNC and overseas

As a token of our gratitude, we would reward each participant with 10 RMB worth of print quota.

I know it is not much, and most of you probably do not care about the print quota. However, it is a common practice in academia to provide some reward to research participants.

Information will be provided on the
Announcements page of the course website

Participants grant permission for the researchers (i.e., me and my collaborators) to make use of data collected through the ITIT