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What is Java? Part 2

1. A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a program that executes other programs which contain Java bytecode instructions. It works by converting Java bytecode into machine language and executing it. The JVM runs the user’s or other peoples’ code on the computer.
3. 1) Create a class 2)Write the code 3)Compile 4) Run
4. .class (compiled class file), .java (Java language file), .jar (Java classes archive file), .jsp (Java Server Page file)
5. JDK is the Java Development Kit. It is a set of programming tools necessary in order to program in Java, programmed from Oracle corporation.
UML or (Unified Modeling Language) is a visual language that using set of graphic notation techniques creates visual models of object oriented systems.
Compiler error: When a compiler fails to compile the source code. This could happen due to mistakes in the code or due to problems of the compiler.
API or application programming interface is a set of tools (subroutines , query databases etc) that specifies how separate software components interact with each other. In object oriented programming, the API shows how objects work and it is usually a set of classes and with their corresponding methods. IDE or integrated development environment or interactive development environment is the environment that helps to manage Java code and also provides effective ways of writing, compiling and running source code.
A Logic error is mistake in the code that causes wrong or undesired output, but does not cause the program to crash.
Bytecode, is a set of instructions written to be…