Introduction To Organizational Psychology

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Introduction The word psychology is derived from the Latin word Psycho-logia. It is formed from two words that are psycho and logy. Psycho means mind and logy means study. It thus means the study of the mind and how it works. Several fields of Psychology are applied in today’s world. Among them, the one is being used for the enhancement of organizations and people related to them are the organizational/industrial psychology (Siddiqui, 2014).

Organizational Psychology and its Scope Frank and Lillian Gilbreth are said to be the pioneers of organizational psychology. They argued for the use of psychology in the work places of people in order to improve productivity and efficiency of organizations/industries. Later three psychologists were named
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These psychologists have to conduct a lot of research. They also have to come up with the right information about the organization and workers so that their point of view can be actually implemented (Anonymous, 2014).

• Assessment tests Organizational psychologists develop certain type of tests that can be helpful in knowing about the mental and emotional ability of an employee. They also assess the problem solving ability of employees. These psychologists also conduct assessments through assessment centers, psychological testing and behavioral interviewing (Anonymous,
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After the move of the world toward industrialization, a rush to this psychology approached. In present organizational psychology is used in different work places to understand the relation between the workers and the recruiters, boss and employees, between co-workers and even between two organizations that are trying hard to move one-step forward from its competitor organization. Organizational psychologists are in high demand nowadays and they have been getting jobs in different industries or organizations. These psychologists provide different ideas and plans that are put forward in front of the leader to work upon or consider. Organizational psychologists provide several assessment tests for the betterment of the employees. These tests are also beneficial for the workers as the sometimes prove to be the base that leads towards their promotion and more compensation. They introduce many learning programs for the people working in an organization so that they can learn the new ways or things emerging in the world. Through the programs they can manage to improve their own and the position of their organization in the world. They also introduce plans for the workers so that they do not leave their present work place and move towards any other that is providing much better employment plans. It is helpful for the management of conflicts between two organizations. Organizational psychologists often provide a platform for