Introduction to Psychological Testing Essay

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Introduction to Psychological Testing

Introduction to Psychological Testing
There are a lot of ways for using measurements. A measurement is something that could explains the building finding out a person’s psychological stability, building parameters, as well as chemical proportions in compounds. There are different ways of taking measurements like a measuring tape and then there are the Geiger counters and tests. The process for psychological testing is to evaluate mental stability of a person also an indicator for the treatments that should be used. There are two different kinds of tests and there are different kinds of data collected for each test. Description of test is made clear in this paper as well as four psychological test that have been proven will be discussed. It is believed by teachers and others that testing will measure the students ability to apply and recall information accurately that has been learned in the past. To accomplish this there will be multiple choice questions, essay writing, and mathematical problems. A teacher will decide what the test will contain and what the scores will be to be able to pass the test. Psychological tests are set up and will be rated differently than those take for education. A psychological test will evaluate a person based on visual tests, written tests and verbal test that will evaluate a person. Emotional and cognitive are the main areas of focus when working with adults as well as children. A person’s ability to learn will decided on the outcome of the tests. There are three categories a person can fall into manipulator, video, and audio. The results no matter if it is negative or positive will depend on the way in which the tests are organized as well as the person’s mental ability of who is being evaluated. A person may choose to take a visual test instead o written test because he or she may be a visual learner. Everyone has a significant way of learning although people could change and develop the use of a combination of the different ways to learn. As stated earlier psychological tests isn’t the only way to evaluate the mental ability of a person these test also help with deciding n a treatment when needed.
Clinical interviews will be the first step in the process. This is known as the intake interview, this will be the basic part of psychological testing. This interview will take anywhere from one to two hours and will be conducted in the clinical setting. There will also be investigations into background and family information concerning the client using the clinical interview. Clinical interviews are an important approach and organized study of a person’s background. A psychologist will tackle different fields of the person’s life using certain inquiries to understand a person’s condition. In today’s world some of the parts f the interview can be conducted using the computer (Framingham, 2011) The computerized age has taken away from the personal interaction of two people. If there are more tests needed, the psychologists may decide on which ones with baseline data. Evaluation of Intellectual Functioning (IQ) I the second step in testing. One of the more popular tests is the Stanford-Bines test. The IQ test is often considered to be used as a placement and bragging tool. A way to determine a person’s intelligence level is an IQ test score. The word genius is often used on an academic level. The IQ test score is used in the psychological word as a way of determining a person’s intelligence and it indicates the ability of a person to make the right choices. People with high cognitive abilities will also have high IQ test scores and a person with low cognitive abilities will also have low IQ tests scores (Framingham, 2011). When a person is being judged his or her state of mind is taken into consideration especially when it comes to murder. A person will be tested to see if he or she is capable of standing trial a judge and jury will want to know