Introduction To Research Methodology

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Per Merriam Webster Dictionary, research means “investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts, revision of accepted theories or laws in the light of new facts, or practical application of such new or revised theories or laws” while methodology means “a particular procedure or set of procedures”. The combination of these two words then forms research methodology which is a set of procedure in the research to help it achieve the solution it demands and proving whether the hypothesis of the research to be rejected or known as proven fact. Research methodology is crucial because it helps the researcher to further understand the theory they are trying to proven and make the
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We divide our questionnaire into 4 parts specifically to achieve our 4 objectives. The question and statement given in the questionnaire are both simple and direct to ensure we get our respondent most honest and accurate answer. Long and complicated question will lead to boredom and confusion which then will result in inaccurate answer that will later make us produce wrong conclusion.
We set our questionnaire in English language as it is the universal language and most of our targeted respondent spoke and understand the language. Since our target sample also might include non-Malaysian it is wise idea to use English as main language in the questionnaire. We kept the words simple and avoid using big and high level vocabulary as it would bring more trouble than goods. Most the questionnaire was for the respondent to rate statement according to their stand on that statement (with 1 being completely disagree and 5 being completely agree), this will allow us to gather data more precisely than yes and no
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Meanwhile, the second part is to identify the main factor in customer buying decision towards organic food. The third part on the other hand focus on the challenges and difficulty of organic food shopping, what is the real and majority reason the respondent found that prevent them from buying organic food, be it price, marketing or other. The last part, our team dedicated this slot towards the understanding of society towards Islamic view on organic food product, how customer relate to Islam when buying organic food