Introduction to Sociology Essay

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My violation of the norm was silence, I chose to do this because it was one of the least harmful things I could do at home and also I could document the outcome soon as I can see it happen. I decided to be less social in my home and only answer briefly to questions from my wife who would notice immediately of my anti-social behavior which would give me the result I was looking for.
She notice after a while and decided to ask me if there was a problem why I was so with drawn from her and of course I indicated everything was fine with no problems, she continued to do what she was doing without emergency to my silence. I knew if I continued she would be well aware of the silence and her inquiries would be more pressing with great concerns so I continue.
She return later that day to me after she notice my silence remain the same but with greater concern, this time she started to assume the worse with our relationship, my health or something else of a different matter of which I denied, then admit I don’t feel social today but fail to tell her that I was trying to do an assignment for my sociology class that involve her.
The next day I continued with my assignment to see if there would be more outcome from me being peculiarly silent and antisocial and there was, she became more self-conscious with her appearance by wearing more attractive clothes around the trying to eliminate herself as the cause for my unhappiness because normally I am very social with my wife when we are