Essay on Introduction: Yin and Yang and Successful Fashion Designer

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When I reviewed the character questions for this exercise, I initially thought it would be easy. I LOVED talking about myself! After all, in today’s social media driven world, viral profiling and narcissism go hand in hand. However, not only did I find myself struggling to find my answers, I also came to realize that my outlook on life and its values have changed greatly in the past few of years.

Before I get into the Yin and Yang of things, I should summarize the type of person I thought I was going into this exercise. My lifestyle during my twenties and early thirties was a wildly glamorous one. I was a successful fashion designer in Los Angeles where self-image is prioritized. I was single and carefree, making great money and spending it greatly, just the same. I was a social butterfly, attended galas and soirees religiously and ate at the best restaurants in town. I was self-absorbed, materialistic, careless and simply “floated on the waves of life” as they came. After a while, I began to notice my circle of friends shift as they began their new journeys into marriage and family life, something I never imagined for myself nor gave it any great thought. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I yearned for that life, too. Suddenly, the lifestyle I was so proud of became meaningless and selfish. I wanted to be married, I wanted children, I wanted to settle down and, dare I say it, be responsible.

Four years ago, I retired from my fashion