Essay on Introduction to the Interpretation of Myth and Fairy Tales

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In This study I’m gonna explore the motifs and interpretation of the Sleeping Beauty from a Jungian framework.
Is my concern to understand the deep forces of the unconcious and marry them with concious awareness to decode psiquic events which are the key factors behain the events in the web of life. For this case study I will use similar aproaches of interpretation to the ones we attempted in previous lectures,with this my aim is to develop a systematic structure of interpretation and develop my analytical skills that will be usefull for future analysis of Myths and Fairy tales. As Jung predicted the myth, fairy tales , and dreams, all share the same source of origin: the unconcious. These are vesels for the psiquic
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These two great archetypal principles were worshiped in the past in all sorts of rituals, and now they have become mere astract concepts.
As the field of Science has prosper and grow, also our world has become deshuminized. We don’t see ourselves involve and as part of this natural phenomena in planet Earth, because we have lost that emotional unconcious identity that linked us with the rest of the creatures and nature, therefore we feel isolated and lost in the maze of the universal phenomena. Dispite all of our efforts to find refuge in our intellectual capacities, the modern man carries all the languages and symbolisms of his ancestral original mind. While in ancient times this original mind was the whole personality of man, now modern man can make a bridge of self- reflection and understanding of the original source and his differenciated conciousness. In sum, our development of conciousness has lost contact with some of the primitive psychic energy present in the original mind. Yet the unconcious remains charged with this primitive characteristics, and uses the language of dreams to bring back all the elements that the mind freed itself as it evolved, i.e. ilusions, fantasies, archaic thought forms, etc.
The fairy tales and Myth contains forms of primitive numinous elements(archetypes) discribed in the form of witches, wizards, ogres,