Introductory Awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions Essays

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Introductory awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions

Understand the areas in which individuals with an autistic spectrum conditions characteristically have difficulties

1.1. Describe the types of difficulty that individuals with an autistic spectrum condition may have with language and other ways of communicating
The effects of autism on communication are extremely varied. Most individuals do not have any trouble with pronunciation. The problems lie in using language effectively. Common problems are lack of eye contact, poor attention, being able to point objects to others, and difficulty with the 'give and take' in normal conversation. Some individuals sometimes use language in unusual ways, retaining features of earlier
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Repetitive behaviours can also extend into the spoken word as well.

Sometime this behaviour can be viewed as a stimulating. Individuals with autistic spectrum conditions may like to bite themselves or bang their heads against hard surface.

Intense preoccupation
Individual might be obsessed with learning all about computers, TV programs and movie schedules. Often they show great interest in different languages, numbers, symbols or science topics.

3.2. Identify reasons why individuals with an autistic spectrum condition may exhibit such behaviours
Repetitive behaviour
For individuals with an under-stimulated nervous system, it may provide needed nervous system arousal, releasing beta-endorphins.
For hypersensitive people, it may provide a "norming" effect, allowing the person to control a specific part of the world they perceive through their senses, and is thus a soothing behaviour.
People with decreased pain sensitivity may injure themselves because they like the feel of it

3.3. Describe what to do if an individual is highly anxious or stressed
Recognize that they have the potential to communicate, but the presence of another makes them feel too anxious and they ‘go blank’ or forget what is on their mind
They are not going blank because are willful or difficult,
Help them to