Invasion Of Drones Research Paper

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What do you think of when someone says the word ‘drones’? War? Peace? Easy pizza deliveries? With drones, all of these things are possibilities, just some are more common than others. Danger, Destruction and tyranny are examples of a more common side effect of the existence of drones.
Drones are not the safest things, when it comes to privacy. They are everywhere, watching people anonymously, without them knowing. There could be one watching you right now! Who knows? According to the article Invasion Of The Drones by Bryan Brown, a drone was spotted watching some girls sunbathing at the beach. Also in the article, it reports that a man had to shoot down a drone that was suspiciously watching his two kids playing in the yard. Who knows what the person behind the drone might have been planning? Whether he/she had harmful intentions or not, it is not safe to have people stalking others with their drones.
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safety, either. According to this same article, a group of fireman trying drastically to put out a raging wildfire had to be stopped. Because of a drone. The firemen had to hold their fire until the drone was out of range. If they had gone right along with their work, the drone might have gotten caught in the truck’s engine, causing a very large explosion and an even larger fire then the one that they already had to deal with. If the drone wasn’t there in the first place, the fire would have been able to have been put out faster. And not to mention, easier. Drones are also hazardous for other reasons, as well. ‘Bad people’ could get ahold of a drone, and strap some sort of bomb onto the drone’s belly. They could fly the drone into an already dangerous place, like an electrical cage, or a nuclear power plant. Would you want you're power going out at 3am in the morning? Would you want a ‘Bad person’ to go and blow up you're