Inventing George Washington America's Founder Summary

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For the most part; we all know George Washington as one of the greatest leaders in history with countless accomplishments such as; leader of the Continental Army, first President of the United States, organizing the first United States Cabinet, establishing many Acts, bringing the Bill of Rights and so much more the list could drag on. In the book published by Edward G. Lengel, Inventing George Washington: America’s Founder, in Myth and Memory, Lengel provides unforeseen moments of Washington’s life and struggling moments while traveling along the path to his now known greatness. Lengel starts in 1776 with the American Revolution, traveling all through Washington’s struggles, low points, and harsh times to Washington's high triumphs, great …show more content…
He was our first president, leading America through decades of war and peace. Lengel drastically brought to a point that Washington was not born a great leader, but instead that Washington lived with great drama and controversy following him all the way. Interesting findings Lengel brought to attention was the bundles of letters that were soon to be newspaper topics, many living myth’s that followed Washington even after his death and amount of hard times that Washington went through before he was known as a great leader. Many may not realize like many great leaders, Washington was not always the best and the top of the top. Washington was known as one of the worst for many years. Though he struggled with himself as a leader, Lengel shows Washington served his country at two levels; private and public. Towards the public, Washington was at first was hated, humiliated and then later became deeply involved in his relationship as the Father of His Country. While privately, he remained personally defeated and at the beside himself, always wanting more but could not do more for the nation. Lengel successfully provided information and clearly explained the majority of the myths about Washington’s