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“Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.” These famous words spoken by Walt Disney perfectly describe how movie making and film has influenced entertainment throughout the course of history. Overtime, inventions have evolved and improved to enhance how movies are filmed and displayed to an audience. With developments like 3-D glasses and special effects it’s not that hard to wonder how and why film impacts the entertainment we have today. It is nearly impossible to claim that movie making hasn’t affected our entertainment, because movie making paved a new road for our entertainment to walk on, but like any other road this was one journey that faced a few bumps along the way. Throughout history film has developed to a great extent that you wouldn’t be able to recognize the first film tool from the 1800s. The history of movie making is an extraordinary one, because of greedy people, unrecorded inventions, stolen inventions, and stolen credit for an invention. People didn’t care about what happened regarding the movie making inventions, but they cared about the money they made and how famous they became. One famous invention, the Kinetoscope invented by William K.L Dickson, was a remarkable hit. This invention paved the way for all future movie making tools to come. From America we go to France, where we meet the Lumière Brothers. The Lumière Brothers invented the Cinematograph. Their invention didn’t prove to be spectacular at first, but with time people developed an interest in the invention. The Cinematograph wasn’t just a motion pictures camera, but it also served as a film projector. We owe a huge part of our entertainment to the 1880s for inventing a better entertainment future for us today.
When you think of film do you think of the Oscars, Netflix, and your favorite TV shows? All of these things are here today because we have the motion pictures industry. When people grasped the basic rules to movie making they started to revolutionize the entertainment industry. For example, people started filming news channels, TV shows, animation shows, and so much more. The basic definition for movie is a form of entertainment or an art form. If we connect this definition with what movies are providing us today with, then we will see that movies, among other inventions based off of movies, have modernized and influenced our entertainment today. Simply put; movie making influenced a great deal of our entertainment, because of what it inspired us to create today.
When you think of how long we have had movies, it seems as if they have been around everlastingly. The reason why we have had movie making around for so long is because we hold on to movies, we cherish them, we use them to preserve memories and ideas, and we use them for our own entertainment. The movie industry has four basic goals: entertainment, informational,