Inventions: Printing Press and Sewing Machine Essay

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Notes on Inventions
The Oil Well:
● Edwin Drake tried to find oil in Pennsylvania.
● He bought a steam engine and built a house for it.
● Drake kept trying to get oil, but was unsuccessful most of the time.
● He got a lot of shareholders to help him.
● Drake eventually got oil after many tries.

Jig for Guiding Tools:
● Eli Whitney was born in Massachusetts and found a career with tobacco farming. ● He created the cotton gin
● The jig was used for other manufactured goods and interchangeable parts
● The jig revolutionized America because it created interchangeable parts.

Vulcanized Rubber:
● Charles Goodyear revolutionized rubber
● The rubber used back then would melt and wasn’t durable
● He kept adding different chemicals to strengthen the rubber and created a durable tire.
● Goodyear was often broke, and everything bad happened to him
● Thomas Hancock took his idea, and got the patent for it.

Rotary Printing Press:
● Created by Richard Hoe, and printed a round cylinder shaped objects.
● He kept trying to make the printing press right, trying to make it faster.
● He would put in a cylinder and print labels on it.

● A development in medicine by Crawford Long during the 19th century.
● The administration of ether allowed successful surgeries because it was used as an anesthesia. .
● There started being sanitation requirements in hospitals.
● Surgery before was not safe or practical
● Long was the first documented successful use of ether.
● Ether was in a gas form and was widely accepted.

The Sewing Machine:
● Elias Howe was the inventor of the sewing machine.
● He was born in Massachusetts, and traveled to Lowell (with the textile mills)
● The sewing machine came about because his wife had to sew clothes to make money. ● It helped the sewing families of America make more money because it…