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This inventory was done on the author’s fuel expenses for the past 48 months. From December 2008 to March 2009 little was spent on fuel. Roundtrip work commute from Santa Ana to Long Beach was 40 miles. Fuel expenses went as high as $90 and as low as $64. The reason for the low fuel consumption was due to the author primarily riding a motorcycle. However, in early April the author had an accident on his motorcycle and was forced to use only his car. Therefore, from April 2009 to August 2009 the author’s fuel expenses doubled and it was not until September 2009 that the author repaired his motorcycle. Throughout those months fuel expenses went as high as $244 and as low as $101. The author was laid off from his job at the end of September 2009 which led to the author spending little on gas throughout the months of October 2009 to February 2010. The author’s fuel expenses went as high as $76 and as low as $32 during that time. At the end of February the author obtained a new job but now had to commute from Santa Ana to Los Angeles for a roundtrip total of 70 miles. Fuel expenses for the month were still decent at $159 dollars as the author was still primarily using his motorcycle. However, in April the author converted his motorcycle into a race bike and no longer rode it on the street. This led to the author only using his car while also consuming fuel when racing. Fuel expenses shot up dramatically from April 2010 to January 2012 going as high as $306 dollars and as low as $246 dollars. March 2011 was actually the least costly at $206 dollars but that was due to the author being on vacation for 2 weeks. In February 2012 the author purchased a home in Lakewood which shortened his commute to a roundtrip total of 38 miles. This reduced fuel expenses from February 2012 to the present. Fuel consumption has gone as high as $209 dollars and as low as $175 dollars. 2009 2010 2011 2012
January 368.95 215.54 125.46 95.23
February 958.52 205.68 362.89 212.48 march 489.76 198.65 254.23 185.62
April 523.47 175.23 365.54 96.65 may 875.68 168.96 235.98 122.95
June 1356.23 162.75 92.63 195.37
July 1562.36 157.12 105.69 259.47 august 1834.01 149.59 102.36 309.47
September 156.23 166.32 111.74 281.22
October 201.36 197.99 121.52 2101.83
November 121.05 261.42 165.23 112.02
December 562.89 225.62 231.84 ~2345

The inventory that was compiled is based on the past four years of American Express bills received and paid. The expenses were as high as $2300 yet as low as $95. The reason behind the great difference is due to the circumstances surrounding each of these years and time periods. There was a constant fluctuation in 2009; this was a reflection of being in school and having a more flexible spending account. The author was working a full time while attending school, although the price for school has constantly been rising, the author was on scholarship therefore; part of the money that was made was spent on going out and travelling. During the summer months, June – August of 2009, the spending dramatically increased due to graduation and the summer adventure before beginning the real world called life. Upon the return and the beginning of the authors’ job the spending dramatically decreased as saving was key to living with unpaid expenses. Beginning the job towards the end of 2009, it is seen that an unusually high amount of money was spent as new, more professional clothing was required for the position. During 2010, spending was kept to a minimum with the exception of the authors’ $250 spending limit which she inflicted upon herself. Furthermore, as shown in the chart in February and April 2011, the charges were well over $300 indicating that a gift was given to the author by herself. A promotion was experiences in both months resulting in a small vacation and a small relaxing adventure. Also, when examining the chart you can see that in the month of December for all four years, the author is