Essay about Inventory and Time-based Logistics

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IBMS 406 Group I 1. What are the major business propositions for Woodmere and HomeHelp to consider in evaluating this proposal? Is time-based logistics the right strategy for each company?
These are the major business propositions: * Information transmission system from POS data to manufacturing plant. * Inventory level control * The future perspective of annual growth * New business process * The initial investment on equipment, and additional cost

The time-based logistics will be the right strategy for each company. The first reason is the sales information transmission which POS data clearly indicates the product’s demand from the customer to the manufacturer. It’s more accurate that a forecast. The second
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However, it might be possible to negotiate with the top management of HomeHelp in terms of assisting us to introduce the advantages of applying Time-Based system to our clients, promoting Woodmere’s window fashion products are all in good quality (environmental friendly) with perfect customer service, and helping us to decrease the initial investment in purchasing Time-based logistics with software selling company.

4. If you were HomeHelp would you accept or reject the proposal? Why?
The proposal would be approved as long as the Time-based system is created and there is nothing unreasonable in the contract/proposal. Because Time-Based system displays the words of fast, accurate and consolidated. The entire logistics system will create more value in terms of reducing labor cost, inventory cost and lead time, increasing accuracy, efficiency and sales performance.

The problem definition

A top window fashion manufacturer is going to propose HomeHelp (a furniture decorating company) a new Time-based logistics system in order to collaborate for a new business relationship. So the objective of this research is to analyze and help the company to be paid attention of using the time-based logistics system for each company in order make sure both companies will benefit from it.

Research Questions
In order to investigate the implementation of time-based logistics for the company, the following question has been