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How do I keep flowering plants alive?
Flowers receive more sun light, water, and the proper fertilizer will grow faster, taller, and healthier than the other flowering plants.
I will place two small cups filled with soil and a flower in a location with enough sunlight, and label the first cup A, and the second cup B. One flower cup will have dry soil (which is not good for the plants), and the other flower cup will have moist soil. Then I will water one flower cup (cup B) with 1 cup of water every other day and the other cup (cup A) ½ cup of water 3 times out of the week. I will finally keep the air around my house at the proper temperature for the plant’s type. The control group in my investigation will be the plant that will receive more sun light, proper fertilizer, and little water. The constant factor will be the location of the cup, and the amount of water. The variable is the amount of water given to the flower that is not in my control group.
I will follow these safety procedures for my investigation: (1) keep the flowering plants away from children and animals because of the fertilizer, and (2) read the labels properly for instructions. INVESTIGATION FOLLOWUP

PROCEDURE To see how I keep flowering plants alive, I placed the plants in a location where there is enough sun light and watered them for 2 weeks. The amount of water was the variable; the plant which received little water is my control. I followed the procedure already in my investigation plan.
Cup B (with the higher amount of water) grew faster than cup A, growing from the average height of6 in. to an average total height of 10in. Cup A (with the lower amount of water or in other words my control group) grew much slower than cup B, starting from the height of 4in. and ended at the height 8in. CONCLUSION I believe that the result of my experiment supports my hypothesis, flowers receive more sun light, water, and the proper fertilizer will grow faster, healthier, and taller than the other flowering plants. Cup B, (which received more water than cup A), grew much more than cup A. Cup A,( which received little water), grew very little. This investigation has taught me several things about flowering plants. The proper amount of fertilizer, water, and sun light can cause a plant to grow much more rapidly than other plants. I believe that more research is needed, not only about plants needs, but also about different plants and their nutrients.


Keeping flowers alive is easy once you have the plant’s needs,( water, light, and good fertilizer). Water is the conduit for nutrient and food that plants need. If the soil feels dry, usually that means that the plant needs water. Sun light is used by plants to convert carbon dioxide and water to sugar. In the absence of sun light, plants cannot produce the food that they need. Also they will have thin stems that will lean towards the light and may wither and die. Fertilizer is a liquid or solid mixture put directly on plants or into their soil to help give them the food they need to grow bloom. Liquid fertilizer is water that has dissolved nutrients. Solid fertilizer is simple compound containing assorted chemicals. Soil quickly…