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Investigation of Companies Today, more than 69 percent of companies in the United States of America have some sort of green programs in place (Kolodny). This is a huge increase from just five years ago. For companies, being green can mean a lot of things, it can mean that you have some sort of solar power, alternative energy or wind power or it can just simply mean that you recycle. Today even many houses have solar panels or recycling. Two public companies that are very green are companies that you would not suspect, Wells fargo and Starbucks. Starbucks is one of the "greenest" public companies that America has. Starbucks has a huge recycling program, Starbucks has changed the design of their cup five times to make it greener and recyclable. They have also put recycling bins in everyone of their store and work hard to encourage people to use it. They have also switch to a renewable source of energy to lower their impact on the country. In 2009, Starbucks changed all the lighting in their stores to LED bulbs, they also switched their heating and cooling systems so that they reduce the heating and cooling energy by twenty percent. Starbucks has also gone greener by trying to use less water, they are doing this by changing the water filtration system which reduces water wast by fifty percent. They are also using low-flow faucets,toilets and spray head to conserve water. Starbucks new store have "green building materials and energy efficient designs to reduce their environmental footprint (Starbucks). Lastly, Starbucks is concerned about the potential impact of climate change. Starbucks wants to improve coffee production while conserving and restoring natural habitats. They are working with farmers to reduce the carbon emissions they put off while farming (Starbucks). Starbucks is working very hard to make the country and world a very safer and greener place to live in. Another company working very hard to make the world a safer place is Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is very new to being green, but in these last couple years they have done all they can to go green. Since 2005, Wells Fargo has run a five dollars billion financing program for green businesses, such as solar and wind energy projects and green building. The company also supports environmental nonprofits that