Investments: Energy and Class Essay

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Class Improvements I would first like to say that I really enjoyed being in your class. You are very energetic teacher and you keep the class interested, laughing and most important awake! I like that fact that you actually care and that you put more effort into your students. Your class is hard but esay at the same time. If you just do the work and stay focused you will pass the class. You also give opportunities for extra credit, which for me and most other students is a good thing. I like the fact that you give two chances to pass your online quizes. When you are lecturing the class I like how you tell us what we should write down. I really like the fact that you go over the tests and you tell us students what will be on the test so we know what to study and what not to worry about. I also like how you made your own work book as another sorce to help us study for your tests. The fact that you put up the test essay questions is another big factor that helps us to better on your tests. Some improvements that might benefit your next class. You should think about adding group projects so that the students are a little more interactive with each other. I also think that the movie you showed us was very interesting and you should offer extra credit or make it an assignment of some sort. I think showing a power point of your lecture or what you are going over in class might help students take better and more efficient notes. There aren't really that many…