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A different checking for the non-native people
In my life, I grew up with out any kind of racism because race is not a sensitive topic in China, but it is different in the US. After integration into American society, my race experience has a great change, and it also made me realize the racist culture. I have a experience of racism that happened before summer class begun. I went to the Chicago to meet my friends, and there are lot of black people in Chicago. And these people gave me an unforgettable experience, so I realize the seriousness of racial in the United States.
I went to Chicago during a Halloween holiday. I am really want to see what is the third-largest city like in the United States. After I arrived Chicago, my classmates told me that the proportion of blacks in Chicago is the biggest in the United states. Just after I got on the subway, this is indeed so, people on the subway are basically black, fragmented able to see a few whites, I told my friend, hey buddy, this is no problem. The next day, we went to the Chinese city of Chicago, but on the back way of home, when we just want to buy a ticket on the subway, a policeman stopped us. He asked us to show the ticket to him, we were feeling very surprise, but we did it. We just show him our tickets, but at the same moment, some Americans passed, and that police seems do not have any reaction of them, because he did not ask them for tickets and just let them went away. I asked, “why do not you just check the tickets of those people”?, and his answer surprised me, he said, "because they are Americans." When we returned home, I seem to what just happened did not react, I am very confused that because we are not Americans so he just check our tickets. The fact should be obvious , because we do not look like the people who to fare evasion. But the fact is we were checked a ticket, and the reason is that we are not Americans. Although I do not know how the police know whether they are American or not. Because he did not ask for anything about them! But maybe it is easy to see--golden hair and blue eyes. And to be honest, that kind of feels like I do not know anything, but was suspected of the same, although it was not intentional, he might just want to confirm our tickets, but his expression seemed to say that if you are an American we believe you can not check your ticket and you can go pass it. So I just feel very upset after this and I start to confused about the racial. As an international student, I first saw a real race privilege. Perhaps what police officers do not realize this problem, but for me , racial privilege seems reflected in every detail. Like Smith's speech Conversation about race by African American at predominately said, the color-blind if it continues to develop, it can still be accepted by the public, even if sometimes they inadvertently touch some things, but it can also be considered is fair(Smith). Maybe we are just more "lucky" to be checked the tickets, but the policeman's answer came out inadvertently penetrate the meaning of certain races. Like Williams said, “perhaps as long ago some people are laying the foundation colorblind racism from local gradually penetrated into society”. Under this subconscious joke, speech, increased the number of color-blind, and let them do not realize he has done some things are biased racialize(Williams). Similarly, it is undeniable that now make a color-blind is also a way to avoid direct racial discrimination, may also be effective in reducing ethnic conflict. Color blindness is a way to avoid direct racial and it is the way to ignore something which contains the racial.
I read an article of Deborah Son Holoien called You deplete me: The cognitive costs of colorblindness on ethnic minorities in the article. I realized that people often do not know their colleagues and peers agree with the ideology, but these ideologies may affect their in some powerful ways(Holoien). Color blindness can be a very subtle