Invidiual of Groups Essay

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Meng lin
According to Carol Travis Invidual in Groups,people behave differently when faced
Danger when they are alone than when they are in group.Psychologist believe that the the
Cause of this phenomenon is that people always think others who will take responsibility
Instead of themselves.In addiction when people are in group observing the same danger they
Hold back.The author concludes that the reason has more to do with the nature of groups than
The nature of inviduals and I agree with the author Most importantly I believe that the reason has more to do with the nature of groups
Is because the author also states that the more people in a group the lazier each individual in it
Becomes.It reminds me of an incident that happen two years ago at main street flushing.A
Chinese lady was found raped and brain dead.what shocks me that the surveillance tape taken
From the nearby supermarket shows that there were several witnesses saw the tragedy
Happened but they don’t really care and they don’t intend to call the police.However there is
Only one man who saw that incident who try to help got beaten by the criminal.As a result
People who are alone usually will help Another reason why I agree with the author is because the author also says that
Inviduals and groups think and acts in different way when they are in groups is because they
Controlled by the groups.For example me and my friends