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Invigour Announce Agreement For New
Membership Website
Invigour signs agreement for a new membership website to be launched In first quarter of
2015. This new website will incorporate the latest E-Commerce technology to compliment the world class training members will subscribe to.
Sydney, NSW, Australia, December 03, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ - Australian based
Invigour announces agreement for a new membership website to be launched In February
2015. A conditional agreement has been signed to commence the building of this new website incorporating the latest E-Commerce technology.

Visitors to this new website will have to opportunity to purchase access to the Academy membership and gain world-class products and training. The new website listing when launched will be found here:

The Sensual Academy is designed to appeal specifically to those with an interest in exploring the senses. They will be given exiting ways to explore this with each month’s instalment taking the member to a deeper understanding of self.

Mr Matt Joy, founder of Invigour, when asked about The Sensual Academy said: "this has been a vision of mine and the team at Invigour for some time now and we are proud to be finally bringing it to the world." He went on to say "the proposed training and products proposed on the platform will be world class and fill a significant gap in the market place that we have identified."

The new membership website will not only provide insightful training on sensuality but offer an e-commerce platform where only the safest products to awaken the senses will be offered.
The proposed products will be made from the highest quality of materials and at affordable price points.

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