Essay on Invisibility and People

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Taylor Dignan
Paul Gaszak
ENG 114
08 December 2014
If I were able to choose between invisibility and flight, I would choose invisibility. I’m not a fan of heights so this decision came very easy to me. Pranking people, stopping crime, and having access to places I’m not supposed to go are the reasons why I would choose invisibility.
Pranking people is everybody’s ideal reason to be invisible. If you were to ask people what they would do if they had invisibility, the majority of people would respond with pulling pranks. Could you imagine if you were sitting in your room when all of a sudden your door opens? Or if you’re sitting in the kitchen and you see the pots and pans flying across the room? That’s what I would do if I could be invisible. I would also drive my car around to see how people would react. Seeing the facial expressions on the people who work the drive thru when they look into the car and no one is there would be priceless. I would also use invisibility to go around tap people’s shoulders or give people random hugs and high fives. Just seeing the reactions of the victim’s would be too funny. Crime will always be around, but invisibility can help stop it. Just like in the movie Fantastic Four, “Invisibility Woman” is there to fight crime. Imagine if you had invisibility and were at a bank when a man walks in with a duffle bag and a mask on. You would be able to just turn invisible and go stop him before he could do any harm. Being invisible can bring down crime a ton. If people found out that I was invisible and knew there was crime, they could just send a signal to let me know and I would go stop it without the criminal knowing that I am coming. Wouldn’t you want to be invisible to go places you’re not allowed to go? I sure would. I love being behind the scenes…