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Impact of Institute Of Medicine Report on Nursing

After reviewing the institute of medicine (IOM) 2010 reports regarding the future of nursing, a leading change in advancing health, I felt a new sense of call to duty in nursing profession despite of my being an RN for almost 10 years. I was excited and confident in my decision to go back to school to earn my degree in BSN. I also mapped out how I would use the knowledge to empower myself in regards to my current practice as well as the adjustments I need to make in my area of nursing education, practice, and leadership trend as identified in this report with very imperative changes and betterment.

Being a current practicing RN, it is a known fact today, per the report, that nursing care delivery is impacted in so many ways. For example:

In Nursing Education: In this 21st century, where America is facing many difficulty conditions and tasks in health specially as the number of elderly group is fast increasing in decades. It also indicates the existing change and multiplication in the type of disease conditions like Elevated blood pressure, Heart disease, Diabetes, and Alzheimer disease. With all these disease conditions, health care need knowledgeable nurses therefore register nurses wanted more advance learning to expand their knowledge in evidence based practice, research, system improvement, teamwork approach among nurses, working with other qualified colleague to produce good health protocols. They also need to adopt more role in delivering efficient quality care as needed in more difficult institution of care, in the hospital setting, public health, and nursing homes.

According to institution of medicine, Nurses need to obtain higher degree so as meet the healthcare needs because of the new development in technological tools and information management system.

In preparing the nurse for this current work educational needs to be focused towards institutions such as public health, primary care, and Rehabilitation centers. Course of study in Nursing schools, should to revaluated, examined, and able to adopt more in science, new equipments, research studies, and rich basic concept so as to improve problem solving skills and bring continuous change in all settings. These curricula will also match up changing needed in health care per Institute of Medicine committee because cares at the facilities has become very complicated and difficult every day for nurses with making important decisions that is related to care of sick patients, who need modern lifesaving equipment that require more skills. Institute Of Medicine committee recommends that the first level qualification for a nurse to practice should be advance to acquiring a BSN degree in place ADN. The BSN will also assist in preparing nurses with the new skills and great ability required to participate the information of health policies, leadership, financial decision, and adequate care improvements. With growth in the population of BSN degree nurses in the work force, it is more likely that more nurses with higher education in the Master’s and Doctoral degree will be produced and these nurses will serve as primary care providers and researchers. They also in better position to fill in the faculty positions that are already in great demand across the profession. Due to health care evolution, nurses are encouraged to take education as a lifetime learning process.

Institute Of Medicine report also is in progress insufficient RN with the abilities. This is because of high turnover rates, mostly common in new RN, which continues to unstable the work force in America. The deficiency is as a result of challenges new register nurse come across when putting their knowledge into the field; therefore, nursing residency program was highly suggested to provide standard knowledge and skills in providing safety and adequate care.

Impact on Nursing