Ip Address and Network Layer Essay

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What are the parts of TCP/IP and what do they do? Who is the primary user of TCP/IP?
TCP performs packetizing: breaking the data into smaller packets, numbering them, ensuring each packet is reliably delivered, and putting them in the proper order at the destination. IP performsrouting and addressing. IP software is used at each of the intervening computers through which themessage passes; it is IP that routes the message to the final destination. The TCP software onlyneeds to be active at the sender and the receiver, because TCP is only involved when data comesfrom or goes to the application layer.
TCP/IP is the network layer protocol now used on the Internet. It is also the world’s most popular network layer protocol, used by almost 70 percent of all backbone, metropolitan, and wide areanetworks. TCP/IP is commonly combined with Etherne

4.Compare and contrast the three types of addresses used in a network

Computers can have three different addresses: application layer address, network layer address, and data link layer address. Data link layer addresses are usually part of the hardware whereas network layer and application layer addresses are set by software. Internet registrars assign network layer and application layer addresses for the Internet. Addresses within one organization are usually with the same first 3 bytes. Subnet masks are used to indicate whether the first 2 or 3 bytes (or partial bytes) indicate the same subnet. Some networks assign