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Hailei Drouin
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IPhone V.S Galaxy
I recently traded in my broken and cracked IPhone 5 for my new "improved" IPhone 6 not the IPhone 6 plus that was a little too big for me. Yes, I love my new phone but, you see others are saying that it is a lot like the galaxy S5, which it kind of is. They have some similarities on the outside but not really in the inside. I honestly think the IPhone is a way better phone choice than the galaxy.
The IPhone 6 is easier to operate and almost anyone can use. It was so easy when I first started using the IPhone I knew basically how to work everything and it was so simple. When I tried to use my boyfriend’s phone (He has a galaxy) it was too complicated for me I couldn’t find anything, It was so weird I hated it. It wasn’t like I hated from the beginning, I thought it was cool and different, until I used it. It would take me longer to figure out where and how to use everything on the galaxy S5. They phones are similar is some ways the power button is on the side of the phones and they are about the same size but, the IPhone is slimmer and lighter than the galaxy.
When you take photos with an IPhone the pictures do come out a lot better than the galaxy’s. You could take a picture in any lighting and the pictures would usually come out better on an IPhone. The battery life is about the same for both of the phones it just depend on how much you use it and what you do with it. Apps usually do come to the app store for IPhone first and they usually knew and more polished than the galaxy’s. You could be waiting months