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Is iPhone 5s Truly Worth It ?

Rafael Turner

Everyone is caught up in the iPhone hype, but is it really worth $200 to buy the new iPhone 5? The iPhone 5s is an improvement from the old iPhone 4, 4s and 5s; however, the improvements are only minor.
First, let’s examine the new iPhone’s specs. The new iPhone has a four inch screen and has remained the same width. The iPhone 5s has an eight megapixel camera and had been designed to be 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the 4s. The screen has been designed so that the pixelation is so precise that the eye cannot distinguish the pixels.
Another impressive feature is the LTE. LTE is much faster than the 3G network that the previous iPhones run on. Apple has also improved the wireless network speed so that web browsing and other features operate quicker than previously.
The last two features that I would like to talk about are the new headphones and the new graphics chip. The new A6 chip allows items to appear almost instantly with increased battery life, which is very impressive. Apple says that the iPhone will support eight hours of
LTE browsing, eight hours of talk time, and ten hours of video playback.
One of the most unique features included with the iPhone 5s are the headphones.
Supposedly they are designed to fit the user’s ear more properly to provide better sound and more comfort.
Quite a few of the features on the new iPhone deal with the size of the phone. The new one is lighter, thinner, and has a larger screen. It is also faster for web browsing, but is it really worth it? The reason for buying the iPhone 5s would be the fingerprint scanner and the new camera. Instead of using the standard password to lock your phone, which is easy to crack,
Apple has introduced a…