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Mr. Groves’s Position Yang Han MKT 380 T Sarit Levy 02/12/13

Mr. Groves’s Position What Mr. Groves said about consumers is not exactly right; it should depend on different types of circumstances. For high tech or higher end products’ industry, the Mr. Groves’s comment is exactly true. Because no matter a high tech or high end company, they should keep creating and inventing new product to the market in order to satisfy consumers’ fickle needs. For this circumstance, consumers should follow what the products they currently have of the company. It is high tech company’s duty to create need instead of satisfy needs. For example the founder of Sony Corp., Akia Morita said: “our plan is to lead the public to new products rather than ask them what they want. The public does not know what is possible, we do. (Levy 2013)” Consumers keep changing new version camera or laptop from old version due to the company keep innovating the version. So for this circumstance, Mr. Groves’s comment is exactly right. However for consumer product goods, the comment might not be exactly right. For instance, people have to wear clothes in order to cover their naked body and to make them looks good as well. These kinds of needs is what we need every day, and clothing company should keep understanding consumers’ needs and follow consumers’ mind and lifestyle in order to satisfy consumers’ fickle needs of sense of beauty for different groups of people. So the Mr. Groves’s comment should depend on what circumstance it is. There will have lots of manager support Mr. Groves’s position for sure. Because for the leading needs’ companies, most of them are the biggest companies within their industry, they have power to lead consumers’ needs, and consumers will exactly follow these biggest companies. Therefore, lots of managers who supports Mr. Groves are the whom want to become the leader within their industry, and whom want to lead and create needs of consumers. What Mr. Groves said can be interpreted as representing proactive new strategy. According to the Business Dictionary on website, the definition of ‘proactive new strategy’ is an approach to a business situation that involves anticipating market and competition changes in advance of their actual occurrence and making appropriate organizational shifts in response (Business Dictionary 2013). According to Mr. Groves said that consumer should be told what to buy. This is very clearly to illustrate that Mr. Groves wants to make needs for consumers instead of force to make needs. He also wants to make advanced decisions before consumers according to what he said. So his position represents proactive new strategy. Apple Inc. and Samsung is a very appropriate example for proactive and reactive strategy. These two companies are all belongs to high tech industry; they should all…