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Sanchez, Carlos
21 July 2014
Prof. Dabek
ENC 1101
The Iphone 5s From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, I can never lose sight of my phone. Knowing how I am a sleepyhead and can never seem to wake up on my own, my phone is always there to wake me up in the mornings, turn on the alarm clock and let me know it’s time for school. As I get up for breakfast, I have my Iphone play me some music to get my morning to an energetic start. After I take a fresh, warm shower, I put on my clothes and sit at the breakfast table, have my fruits while my Iphone reads me the daily sports news I have missed. We live in a generation when technology is advancing and progressing day by day. Not too long ago, cellphones were invented. Yet, something better has been designed to change the world, the Iphone. The Iphone is the best all-around smartphone in the market today. Built to be just a phone and an ipod together, it has progressed into something bigger, better and more effective never seen before. This fine piece of technology is the most beautiful phone to ever be created. With an 8 megapixel camera and 1080p HD recording video, it makes buying a camera and video recorder useless. I use my Iphone 5s for basically everything. From searching an address to a location to playing the daily music while on a jog at the park, the iphone is the ideal tool. There are so many reasons why the Iphone 5s is the best phone out there today. I believe the Iphone 5s is the best phone because of the apps and features, security and design. This is what makes the beauty of this phone and the tool everyone needs.
To begin with, the Iphone 5s’s design is one that no other phone device compares too. It has this fine, sharp look that makes you fall in love when you look at it and feel it. It’s like love at first sight. The 4-inch, 1136x640 pixel, 16:9 aspect ratio, 326ppi LED backlit, in-plane switching, in-cell display is as gorgeous as ever, presenting text and images as though they're painted into the glass. The manufacturing, from lightly textured aluminium unibody with diamond polished chamfered edges to photo matched glass inserts, remains as perfectly assembled as ever, thin and light to the point where it seems almost unreal. When looking at the screen, it’s very clear that the Samsung Galaxy s5 has a much larger screen. According to Gizmag, “The Samsung Galaxy s5 is 15 percent larger, 24 percent wider, and 7 percent thicker than the Iphone 5s.” (gizmag.com) Compared to the Iphone 5s, this phone might be a little bigger but it’s very difficult to hold with just one hand. The Iphone 5s was built to satisfy the owner and make it easy for them to operate the phone. The size of the phone is not too small and not too big, it’s just perfect. But the beauty isn’t just about how big or how thin the phone is, the faster performance and graphics give it that feel more true to life. Engineered with an all new A7 chip and an all new M7 coprocessor for phone, puts you a desktop-class processing power in the palm of your hands. The chip and the coprocessor are designed to make the Iphone 5s much more efficient and use less power which spares the battery life. Everyone wants a phone that functions as quick as a lightning bolt and the Iphone is the fastest one made. But even so, this isn’t just everything that makes this design that remarkable. You can tell how amazing a smartphone camera is when it achieves certain things. It shoots consistently great photos all the time, anytime. The iSight camera of the Iphone 5s does all the things remarkably well. So well, it has become the world’s most popular camera.
To continue with, the Iphone 5s’s security is something no other electronic device has to this day. Android may have a security code to keep the phone safe and locked but that doesn’t make the phone secure enough how the Iphone 5s was made. According to Apple, “The very first iPhone introduced the world to the idea of touch as the most natural way to