Essay on Ipv4 vs Ipv6

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The IPv4 came before the IPv6 and these datagrams are similar in many ways but also differ in more ways than one. IPv6 came out in the year 2004 and still uses many of the features that made IPv4 so successful. IPv6 is supposed to become the new standard over the older version of IPv6, but it is tough for v6 to take its spot when v6 cannot support everything v4 does, basically v6 cannot connect to a v4 system. Some differences are that it is stated that the IPv6 is more secure than the IPv4, the address size went from 32 bits in the IPv4 to 128 bits in the IPv6, extensible protocols are more flexible in the IPv6, IPv4 and IPv6 are not compatible, the IPv4 will not be able to support additional nodes or support for applications, and the …show more content…
The IPv6 allows multiple nodes to be on the on the IP, where in the IPv4 does not. Also, the IPv6 only nodes are not compatible with the IPv4 nodes and vice versa. Also v6 does support help for multiple applications whereas v4 does not have support for applications. V6 has become very helpful for many companies because of the support it has for the applications that run on their specific computer/server.
These attacks are very different from v4, these attacks I will list are only towards v6; Reconnaissance, Unauthorized access, Header manipulation and fragmentation, Layer 3 and Layer 4 spoofing, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) attacks, smurfing, Routing attacks, Viruses and worms, Transition, translation, and tunneling mechanisms. These attacks are very serious and IPv6 has to protect itself, where usually the very first attack would be the Reconnaissance (better known at Recon) which will gather all the data it can about that specific network. After the attacker has done its recon, it will select which attack would be the most reliable and easy to invade the networking system. Now the recon for IPv4 vs. IPv6 is very different because IPv6 does not allow ping sweep/port scan as easily as IPv4 would. IPv6 has upgraded their defense measures so that the system will not be prone to attacks as easily as IPv4 would be now.
These are just some of the few