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Lightning News

Monday, January 26, 2015

Young college student taken hostage outside of NYC apartment Brandon is kidnapped by Titus and one of his men outside Kat’s apartment. Brandon is tricked by Titus who says he has his mother in the back on his SUV and says that if he doesn’t go to the SUV he will shoot his mother, Dana. Right as Brandon is approaching the SUV, Dana manages to call Brandon from the house she is being held in and tells him not to get in the car. Brandon starts to pull away when Titus and his man grab Brandon and they struggle for a while. Eventually Brandon is knocked out and they drive to the house they have Sana in.
Heroic police officer saves life of teenager Officer Kat Donovan follows Titus’ SUV which he used to kidnap Brandon and is driving back to the hostage house. Kat follows them all the way there and ditches her car when she arrives at the house. Titus is trying to draw out Dana by torturing Brandon, he shoots him in the leg and threatens to kill him. Kat is coming from behind Titus and says “FREEZE” Titus turns and fires a shot but misses, Kat then fires a shot back, hitting Titus in the chest. He is not killed but is put into a coma. Kat saves Brandon from Titus, although he has been shot and needs medical attention.
Citizens work together to take down armed man Dana saved 5 other victims who were taken hostage by Titus and his crew. Reynaldo, one of Titus’s men follows her into the woods with a gun, ready to kill. Dana and the other freed victims hid in the bushes from their attacker. When Reynaldo approaches he finds a hostage hiding in a bush, as he aims the gun 4 other victims jump on him, biting and holding him down. Reynaldo breaks free and as he is about to fire his weapon he looks up to see Dana swing an axe towards him. Reynaldo is killed and Dana and the others are truly freed.
Teenage boy assaulted in Central Park Brandon is taking a stroll through central park thinking about his mother’s abduction. Brandon is suspicious because no one believes she is abducted and is only on vacation with her boyfriend. Brandon decides to call his uncle Marty who works in a finance firm and questions him of why his mother is mysteriously transferring money since her disappearance. His uncle can’t give up this personal information and hangs up. Brandon is then assaulted for no reason by a random homeless man and is taken to the hospital. Kat then decides to find out who it was.
Dear Editor, Reynaldo is the most sadistic character in the book. He enjoys giving pain to whoever Titus says he wants dead or tortured. I don’t get why in some parts he is portrayed as a great guy who loves his dog and is down to earth when in reality he is human trash and deserves whatever comes to him. He is responsible for the death of dozens of people and he even has a barn in which he has all of his torturing supplies. He would have killed Dana if he wasn’t so attached to his dog so that was his only weakness. I’m also confused about why he is described as someone i should feel bad for because he was taken in by Titus when he found him in the street but still kills people. Sincerely, Anonymous.

Dear Editor, Kat is by far the bravest and most outgoing character. She is brave and she never gives up. I admire her dedication as a police officer. It has been 20 years since her father was murdered and she is still looking for her father’s killer. She took a small complaint of a missing person’s report and found out that it was connected to even more missing persons. She risked her life for a boy and his mother and saved their lives. She is a very admirable cop and every other cop should be as tough and as persistent as she is. Sincerely, Anonymous
Dear Editor, Brandon is the most caring character. Brandon’s mom tells him that she is going on vacation with her boyfriend and she goes away and…