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What is the number one belief that the Islamic Republic is based? the sovereignty of truth and Qur'anic justice,
Under Article 3, what do you take number 2 to mean?
The government controls what the people hear through the media,
What about number 5?
No formation of oligarchs
According to Article 10, what is the fundamental unit of Islamic society?
What are the only allowable religious minorities in Iran?
Zoroastrian, Jewish, and Christian Iranians

The Official Language, Script, Calendar, and Flag of the Country What is the official language?
Which day is the official weekly holiday?

The Rights of the People
What are the rights of women?
They are to stay at home and better the family and stuff like that.
In looking over several of the rights, what evidence shows that Iran is a theocracy?
The constant use of belief, religion, faith
Are Iranians guilty until proven innocent or innocent until proven guilty?
Innocent until proven guilty.

Economy and Financial Affairs
What are the basic necessities for all Iranians? housing, food, clothing, hygiene, medical treatment, education, and the necessary facilities for the establishment of a family;
In Article 44, what “businesses” does the state own? Railroads, mining, water treatment, and other large mother business
The Right of National Sovereignty and the Powers Deriving There from
Explain Article 59.
There can be a popular vote for anything if 2/3 of the Islamic consultive assembly vote for the referendum
The Islamic Consultative Assembly
How many members are there in the Assembly?
How many total seats are open to religious minorities?
One representative for each minority In Article 69, what must happen to approve measures in closed session?
Must be approved by 3/4 of the present Guardian Counsil

Powers and Authority of the Islamic Consultative Assembly
In Article 74, what must happen before bills can be introduced to the Assembly?
Must be approved by a councilman
Explain Article 75
The only thing that needs more support is decreasing money circulation
Explain Article 87
The president has more power than the councils
What is the purpose of Article 89 part 2? What is unique about the