Apostle Matthew Essay

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The Apostle Matthew-
Matthew was one of the twelve disciples, a saint, an apostle, and an evangelist. He is even believed to be the creator of the Gospel of Matthew. However, not much is known about him and he is actually only mentioned five times in the New Testament. But from those five times, a lot is revealed about him. Matthew was born in Galilee and his father was named Alphaeus. He was a tax-collector in Capharnaum who collected taxes for King Herod. When Jesus calls Matthew to follow him and to be his disciple, he does immediately. He also gives a feast in Jesus’ honor. The guests of the feast were his friends, such as other tax collectors and sinners. The last times Matthew is mentioned in the New Testament are in lists of the apostles, where he is either seventh or eighth in the order. After Jesus died, rose, and ascended, Matthew is said to have preached the Gospel for about fifteen years. Then, Matthew went east to continue trying to be an evangelist. Sadly soon after he went east, like most of the apostles, Matthew was martyred. There are many different stories of his Martyrdom, and it is not known whether he was burned, stoned, or beheaded. Matthew’s has two symbols. One symbol is a money sack and account books to show his old life as a tax collector. The other symbol is an angel above or behind him to indicate his new life as a messenger of Jesus. Today, in the West, Matthew’s feast day is celebrated on September 21st and in the East it is