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Brock Needens
26 April 2011
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Iraq Genocide Many genocides have happened throughout the earth, and some are a lot worse than others but the Iraqi genocide is still pretty sad what happened. The genocide is known for the mass number of Kurdish people that were murdered under Saddam Hussein’s rule. In northern Iraq he directed mass evacuations, mass executions, and also chemical attacks on Kurdish men, women, and children. The Iraq genocide still affects the culture of the people because they still suffer serious sickness and deformities as a result of what happened, and also Kurdish people still worry that it is possible to happen again. Also Saddam treated people very poorly, and the Iraq genocide changed the life of not only the people involved but the people to come. The genocide has hurt many people in northern Iraq not only emotionally but also physically. Under Saddam Hussein’s rule many Kurdish people were killed in mass numbers by not only torture chambers, but also by chemical attacks. Many people did die because of this but some were just seriously harmed by the chemicals they got. “And the people of that area are still suffering serious illness and deformities as a result”(Genocide 1). Many families lost their loved ones as a result of the chemicals, but many would feel better loosing someone than having to see them live through the hardship of being ill and or deformed. This has cleared harmed people in Iraq physically, but if you think about it, it has hurt them emotionally also. Many people would say that Saddam was one of the worst dictators of all time. He did many things that are almost inhuman and would be impossible to hurt people the way he did. People use to worry that he would do more terrible things, until the day they were finally relieved with his execution. “History will certainly judge Saddam Hussein as amongst the cruelest and most dangerous dictators of all time”(Genocide 1). He was a crazy man that could go off and do totally terrible things at any time he was angry. Even people in history believe that he was a terrible man, and that is why the Kurds could not feel safe until he was gone. Saddam Hussein treated the Kurdish people almost like they were worse than dirt, and that he could treat him however he wanted. He had not only chemical attacks on people, but he also had torture chambers where he did many horrific things to people. Hussein was an awful man whom had no feelings for other people that he was harming. “Applying hot irons and electric currents while nailed to a wall are standard treatments of torture”(Genocide 1). This shows how terrible and crazy he truly was that he could first of all nail someone to a wall, but also put hot irons on them. It is clear he did what he wanted because no one near him tried to put a stop to this which is really sad. Also Saddam had anger issues that could come up at any time if someone did or said the wrong thing. The way he killed people could vary but the fact that he could just go off and do that made him a monster. “If Saddam became irked, that victim may well be thrown into one of the palace’s acid pools”(Genocide 1). Clearly Saddam Hussein had little control over himself considering he could just throw someone in an acid pool, and watch them die a terrible death. There is no doubt he has anger problems, and it would have been terrible to be the unlucky victim when he went off. Finally the genocide that occurred in Iraq affected not only the people involved but many people to come. Many people were killed or seriously injured and that really affected families and relatives that were close to that person. A lot of people