Essay on Iraq: Management and Democratic Management Style

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Reflective account of presentation
This report is a personal account of the presentation project that was carried out on Friday 4th November 2011. Students assigned into groups for this project with my group consisting of five members including myself. Our presentation was based on the movie Godfather within which we choose to focus on certain topics around management. Over the course of this report, I will reflect on the presentation and evaluate different aspects of the project.
Management Style of the group
As a group we approached the project with a democratic management style. This style of management was perfect for this project as it allowed every group member to share his/her ideas which meant that overall we ended up with a strong presentation. Moreover, the democratic style of management meant that every group member was motivated, felt a sense of involvement and therefore, was goal driven. Hence the presentation was finished to a high standard and prior to the deadline. However, the only slight down fall with the management style was that it slowed down decision making due to the fact that no decision could be made without every group member’s approval. Nevertheless, after evaluating the pros and cons, I believe that the democratic management style was the correct approach for our group members and to complete the presentation.
Group Evaluation
The success of the project was down to the hard work of every group member but perhaps more so due to the fact that each group member had different qualities and skills which they brought to the table. Belbin’s team role theory of 1981 and 1993 considered 9 key team roles which were important in the success of any group; I feel that some of Belbin’s team roles could be seen within our group.
My group consisted of Sachin Mistry, Anisha Shah, Rianna McDonald & Emanuel Omiteru not including myself. Emanuel was hardworking, helpful and had a great personality. In relation to Belbin’s theory, Emanuel is clearly a “team worker” as he was the builder of team relationships and team spirit. He was also a team player and assisted other group members with certain tasks. For example, Emanuel helped Rianna with certain aspects of her research when she was struggling to find information. Anisha had a great work ethic and according to Belbin’s theory, she was our “resource investigator” as she was great at gathering useful resources such as books and clips from the Godfather which we used to help assist the audience who had not seen the film before in order to make it an entertaining presentation. She was also innovative with her idea which was an added bonus to the group.2 In accordance to Belbin’s theory Rianna was a “company worker”. She was mostly responsible for implementing accepted plans effectively and systematically, such as drawing the organisational structure of the Corleon family and being one of the hosts for the quiz. However, at times she was positively selfish as she insured her parts of the presentation were complete before she thought about helping other members of the group.
Sachin was a perfectionist and according to Belbin’s theory was clearly a “completer – Finisher”. He was a strong character but intolerant with irresponsible and indifferent members of the group. For, example he often spoke with Rianna regarding her absence in group meetings and made his feelings towards her poor attendance very clear. Sachin also made sure that any tasks or research carried out were to an A grade standard. However, his tendency to worry about small issues sometimes meant extra time had to be put in to the project.3

Group Improvements
One improvement that possibly could have improved the group’s performance and perhaps our presentation would have been selecting a clear leader for the project. We approached the project with a democratic style which meant we all had an equal say but this did at times slow progress down which meant