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Husam Zahid
February 13, 2015
Compare and contrast essay: Iraq vs. America culture Not all the countries in the world are unique in everything. There are many striking culture differences between Iraq and America. However, the culture of America is a mixture of different ethnicities while Iraqi culture is unique and has it is own values. Obviously, the two countries are different in food, perspective on family, location, size and weather. There are many differences between Iraq and America which is reflected in the diversity of their cultures. Iraq has about more than five thousand years history which is a very long period of time. The Iraqi culture has many special characteristics which are very interesting for people to know and it is differ from America culture in many things. Firstly, Iraq has a various type of cuisines and restaurants that supply these delicious dishes. Especially, MASKOOF, which is a river fish, grilled on coal. In addition, rice and lamb which is more popular dish in Iraq. Moreover, Iraqi families place their food in the middle of table so that everyone can share from the same dish and put it in their own dish. Secondly, Iraq is a very much family oriented. Indeed, most of Iraqi families are big families, hence the reason they live in a big houses. For instance, you can see grandpa and grandma living with their sons and grandsons. Iraqis respect family values and take care of what they do have. Finally, Iraq is small country in compared to America; it is located in Middle East region so it is weather not greatly varies from one state to others. All these points made Iraq cultures differ from America cultures. America is a large country that covers most of it is continent (North America) that make it has divers culture differs from Iraq cultures. First of all, citizens of America depend on junk foods like hamburger, pizza, chicken fries, etc. There are many restaurants are specialist for fast food