Iraq War and New York Essay

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Annotated Bibliography

"Costs of War." Costs of War. Watson Institute, 1 Aug. 2011. Web. 25 Jan. 2015.
A comprehensive report on the ongoing war in Iraq, including human, economic, and social consequences backed by enumerable statistics and high fidelity statistical research in addition to daring reports by ground teams. Condenses and presents a multitude of research from various high tier institutes such as John Hopkins University and Oxford. Will be used primarily as a numerical reference and a means of backing various assertions that will be made in terms of collateral and overall costs of war. Has numerous inline citations and is well known as a source that contains information that is presented with consistency and dependability, in addition to being virtually exhaustive in representation of facts.

Baltzer, Anna. Witness in Palestine A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories. New York: Paradigm, 2007. Print.
Written by one of the few journalists to enter Palestine more than once, this book will be used as a primary source that can be used to accurately document assertions that will be made concerning Palestine and Israel. The reason I am including Palestine and Israel into this discussion, despite the fact that they may seem to have little relevance to the current topic of this paper, is due to the fact this conflict embodies many of the hypocrisies that have happened in other wars, such as the Iraq wars. The immense amount of damage in Iraq leads to very fragile information which has less precise evidence; in opposition to this, the Israel/Palestine conflict is very well documented, and many parallels can be drawn between the two. A resource that attempts to counter-argue many of the points presented in this book is the “25 Short Answers” resource, from a well-documented Israeli website

Carter, Jimmy. Palestine Peace Not Apartheid. New York City: Simon & Schuster, 2006. Print.
Another book which attempts to analyze the situation in Palestine along the border. This book, and the inherent topics within, are presented for the aforementioned reasons, in addition to the fact that this book was written by a former U.S president, allowing insight into the very mechanisms behind western government. Furthermore, this book draws several parallels between the Palestine/Israeli conflict and the Iraq war, as well analyzing the inherent connection between Israel and Iraq (and consequently, the wars within). Again, a document attempting to argue the opposite is the “25 Short Answers” document.

Galloway, George. Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington: The Brit Who Set Congress Straight about Iraq / George Galloway. New York: New, 2005. Print.
George Galloway, an outspoken critic of U.S. and British policies in Iraq gives his perspective of the Iraq war, starting from the very early days of Saddam’s regime, to the conflicts going on at the time (2005). However, the comprehensiveness of this book is not what makes it critical to this paper. What makes this source critical to this paper is the extreme accuracy with which it predicts the outcome of the war, and the end results of it. This book, despite being written more than nine years before the war’s end, manages to predict the end result so accurately that the arguments presented within leave no choice but to be analyzed and appreciated. Very few sources have attempted a counter-argument, one of these being Cristopher Hitchens’s A Long Short War.

"25 Short Answers." 25 Short Answers. StandWithUs, 2010. Web. 27 Jan. 2015.
A document that attempts to answer the most frequently asked questions on the Palestine/Israeli conflict. Will go through the most prominent and controversial questions, one by one, and attempt to disprove them, all the while keeping in sight