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The devastations around the part of the world, especially in Europe that stamped from the hostility among the country drove to their countries of human suffering and environment degradation. The main instrument that has played the significant role in the confrontation, deputation and hostility was weapon. Weapon has invented, produced and update through generation; and weapons in the past were used in order to deal with the conflict and disputation rather than discussion and negotiation. Weapons did not provide any privilege beside killed them, threated and wounded them. As we all have well-known the two great worlds (WWI & WWII) have released the great suffering that has been considered as the worst experience for human being because of its devastation, disruption and demolition. To response to all the threats to the world, drove some of the leaders of the country to sign, to negotiate, to discuss and to agree until the emergence of many agreements like Treaty, convention and other conferences. Experiencing of the Great World (WWI), drove to the emergence of one League called the League of Nation by Woodrow Wilson as the architecture. Anyway, the implanting of the League of the Nation was too weak to prevent the outbreak of the Second World War; moreover, this League still could not forbid the utility of weapons that release great threat and suffering to human being. One of the most powerful International Governmental Organization that has stepped in to replace the failure of the League of Nation was the United Nation. In this essay, we will discuss the implementation of the United Nations that concern with the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) through the Treaty, commission, convention and conference that it has issued, proposed and organize; but one the interesting task that UN has done and has been implementing through international law in world politics was the international law of world security that focus on the UN’s implementation on World of Disarmament and Arm Control. World of Disarmament and Arm Control have been simultaneously created alongside the creation of the United Nation. All the member states have regarded this UN’s implementation as the most significant role to keep peace, and human suffering and to prevent the hostility, conflict and disputation; however, at the meantime of its implementation, one question has been asked whether the United Nations is effective in implementing international disarmament and arm control. This assignment will tell you specific thing of the effectiveness of the implementation of UN history and ongoing future. We saw it as the interesting topics because it is a main strategic program for UN in order to process in conflict prevention, peacemaking, and peace building operation.

Disarmament and Arms Control


After facing such international security threats in 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt has come up with idea of Quarantine which referred to the spread of fascism ideology around the world. After the end of World War I, United States was slowly to get rid of its own isolation, only gradually provide the supply of weapon to its allies, while restricting exports to the Axis powers. Finally, another war just came with the attack of the Perl Harbor by Japanese in which pack with German forces. This war had expanded like an epidemic disease throughout Europe and Asia which required more than a vaccine to eliminate this disease. At last, the creation of United Nations finally began with the end of World War II aiming to avoid another World War. In order to avoid the root causes of war, United Nations had come up with the idea of reduction or eradication of Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) in term of disarmament method in every corner of the world.

Today the proliferation of WMD considered as threats which could develop into a cancer (WW III) and also could endanger small countries such developing countries. Beside this cancer, it also increased the