Iris: Goo Dolls and Father Essay

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July 4, 2013


It was about two weeks before the summer semester started, I’m crying in the back of a police car in hand cuffs, on my way to the sacred heart hospital. I’m escorted to my room, which is on the psych floor of the hospital, and hand cuffed to the bed. The nurses come in and give me a zanex and a nicotine patch. Those 3 days in the hospital were some of the most peaceful days in my life. This is about the 24 hours leading up to my attempted suicide. My god father and my father were best friends for almost 25 years. Their friend ship ended last summer when we went to a wedding in North Carolina and my father told me to not talk to him or his kids, which are my best friends. My god father is family. After I graduated, my mom threw a grad party for me, apart from my father, they’re divorced. My God father came and someone posted pictures of us on Facebook. My father found out a week later, about 24 hours before I went to the hospital. He calls me on the phone while I’m hanging out with my best Friend April, calling me every name in the book, tells me to come home, drop off my car, and pick up my “shit” and leave. I called my aunt Amy, who lives in Allentown Pa, and she said I could come there for a few days until my father calms down. My father was a drunk all my childhood, until around the time I turned 17. He never went through the 12 step program and so yes, he’s sober but he’s what you call a dry drunk. So I drive to Allentown and I spend the day with my aunt and around 22:00 I went to pick my cousin Tim to go fishing. I stop at the gulf gas station to get gas. It said insufficient funds, and I knew I had at least a grand left from both of my graduation parties. I called my dad in rage, come to find out that he took all my college money and put in a 6 month CD, so here I am in the hood of Allentown on 17th street on E and no money. And in that moment I snapped, something in my mind snapped, I blacked out and I ended up punching a window out on my car. I call the police and told them I had suicidal thoughts. They finally took my hand cuffs off after the zany kicked in and I stopped crying. And for three days I wasn’t required to think, get up, shower, or cook. It was three days just to not think, yes I was drugged up the entire time but… My father came on the second day and the nurses ask me if it’s okay if he comes in and talks to me. I pause for a few seconds, and I