Irish Potato Famine Essay

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Alan Hsieh
Mr. Gardner
Modern Global Conflict
Poison Gases during WW1 Poison gases are one of the most fearful weapons through out the whole entire World War I. Even though killing rate of machine gun during World War I was compared more than the killing rate of Poison Gases. Poison Gases is more as a slow term affect during the war, since when enemies are not in battle the opponent can still use poison gases to contaminate the living environment that their enemies lived in. And most of times during the middle of world war one poison gases affected the soldier’s lives; normally not just by straight making suffer through their breathing also burning their skin or their unprotected parts of their body. It was assumed that the Germans are the first people that initialed the use of poison gas, but France debunks this. Since during August 1914, the French army used tear gas grenades containing a chemical substance of xylyl bromide (which is a toxic chemical) on the Germans. Due to this act that the French did on the Germans it has also inspired Germans will this new weapon. At the second battle of Ypres, the Germans took revenge on the French by using the first invented Poison Chlorine gas. On 22nd April 1915, the French army has no cautious about this “poisonous gas” coming towards them, at first the French soldiers thought that yellow-green mist moving towards them is just used for enemies to disguise in and totally not noticed about the consequences of the Poison gas will do