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Food & Beverage Management
Concept Name: Irish Restaurant

Table of Contents:
Introduction 3 * Concept Development 3 * Restaurant Concept 3 * Vision, Mission, and Goal 4 * Target market 4 * Location and Demand Analysis 5 * Degree of Competition 6
The Restaurant 8 * Food and Beverage Selections 8 * Theme and Decorations 9 * Point of Differentiation 9 * SWOT Analysis 10
Team Members 12
Restaurant Menu 13
HACCP-Based Standard Operating Procedures 33 * Personal Hygiene 33 * Receiving and Storing 34 * Preparing and Cooking 36 * Serving
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Beside the locals are the tourists. More than 1.3 million tourists visit Geneva in 2008 (Exhibit 2) (Geneva Tourism, 2009). Among these are business delegates who came to attend international conferences, which are held throughout each year. The monthly average tourist arrivals in Geneva are shown in Exhibit 3. Based on the information collected, it is anticipated that the average demand of the Restaurant composes of 40% locals and 60% tourists.

Why Place du Molard? Place du Molard is located between Rue du Rhône and Rue du Marché (Exhibit 4), which are the famous shopping streets in Geneva. Rue du Rhône is full of exclusive shops and brand names that target high-income customers such as Catier, Patek Philippe, Bulgari, and Louise Vuitton just to name a few. On the other end of Place du Molard is Rue du Marché, which is a traffic-free shopping street full of fashion, electronics, and several department stores (Geneva Destination Guide). These streets are one of the attractions of the city. People come here to relax, socialize, and spend money! Thereby locating the Restaurant between these streets will attract the demand from both sides, which match the demographic of the Restaurant’s target market.

Besides those shopping streets are Cathedral St. Pierre, Jet D’eau, the Flower Clock, and Mesée International de la Reforme. These tourist attractions definitely are beneficial to the Restaurant location because they draw more potential