Irony In A Modest Proposal

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Beneath the irony of Dr. Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, Dr. Swift takes a satire approach in his sarcastic treatment of Ireland’s people in poverty by the cutthroat state of mind of the well-heeled. Satirists utilize hysterics to address circumstances they find unsatisfactory and subsequently needing a change. He provides a collection of farfetched and basically foolish answers to the troubles that include the thundering treatment concerning the youth. Dr. Swift uses an unorthodox approach in solving Ireland’s financial neediness and starvation. His proposal was in imitation to “fatten up” the unhealthily thin children and sell them at a meat market to bear situations such as unfair trading practices and high rent. Readers of A Modest …show more content…
Swift’s fundamental reason for A Modest Proposal might have been to exhibit the ridiculousness of the senseless acts that were continually carried out by the Irish government. "A Modest Proposal" starts with a record of the ruined condition of the people of Ireland and the sympathy he feels. He gives prominence to the inequality in Ireland and England. Although the English had control over the Irish, they did not work to improve the living conditions of the Irish. In any case, in actuality, A Modest Proposal was not an attempt of Dr. Swift’s to take a course of action in solving the nation’s problems. He was for the most part endeavoring to demonstrate to the general population of Ireland that the circumstances he provides in his writing was the comparable to what the legislature was permitting to happen. At the time of A Modest Proposal, the situations of women was felt by their children. Those children grew up poor because their mothers were unable to financially support them. Metaphorically speaking, Dr. Swift writes that the landlords should eat the babies being that they have already devoured their parents. He is simply stating that the rich reach their prosperity at the expense of the lower classes. It has been said time and time again that the rich get richer while to poor get poorer. And that is exactly what Dr. Swift attempts to convey in a ridiculing