Essay about Iroquois: Iroquois and Pueblo Indians

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Numerous historians have defined Indigenous groups as those who originate from a particular region or country. Some of these writers of history estimate that the first groups of Indigenous People’s began arriving into North America somewhere around 10000-12000 years ago when the earth was covered in ice that formed from glaciers during the Ice Age. One story goes that the origin of the first group of Natives originate out of Siberia (North Asia) when the first sets began migrating into North America over the Bering Land Bridge that connected Russia to the United States (Alaska). Today, we refer to these groups as Native Americans. However, the terms Natives use to refer to themselves vary regionally and generationally. For example, many older Natives usually self-identify as Indians. Younger Natives often identify as Indigenous. Why is it controversial about which terms should be used by non-Natives? All terms does not include all cultures. Two of these groups, the Pueblo Indians and the Iroquois Tribes are known as Indigenous People’s. Iroquois and Pueblo Indians, are Indigenous people that originated from different places, but they both compare and contrast in different ways. The Iroquois Tribes and Pueblo Indians were both a very powerful in their own unique ways.The Iroquois tribes contained 6 tribes combined, as for the Pueblo Indians they were smart and creative and made their home structure to contain a watch tower, to protect themselves from intruders. This essay will focus on (3) characteristics of these historical Indigenous groups: Home Life, Beliefs, and Clothing. These Indigenous Tribes, both the Iroquois and Pueblo Indians had a very different homestyle from each other and a similar one as well. The Pueblo Indians homes were built as buildings made up of adobe, which is sun-dried brick of clay and straw, these buildings hold up to 50 to 200 people. As for the Iroquois Indians they