Legacy: Improving The Quality Of Life For Residents Of South Orange County

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College Research Paper
Irvine Valley College has been improving the quality of life for residents of South Orange County since 1985. Currently we are experiencing a time of challenging transitions. Declining property values, increased unemployment, global instability--in such times, the value of an education is immeasurable—not only for the practical purpose of developing the skills required for employment and/or a new career, but also to establish a strong foundation for analyzing and reasoning through any problem. At IVC, learning is an ongoing process.
Academic Major Students may take individual courses to gain expertise in specific areas, or they may take courses collectively to earn the Associate in Science degree or Certificate in Computer Information Science with a concentration in any one of three different areas. Students seeking to develop programming skills may pursue either the Computer Languages emphasis, which introduces a variety of programming languages and each language’s many applications; the Business Programming emphasis, which concentrates on programming for business applications; or the Systems Analysis emphasis, which explores the structured design and implementation of software systems. Students seeking immediate workplace competencies also have the option of completing the 15-unit Certificate of Competency in Database.

Sports Programs (Athletics) The origins of the program reach back to 1990 when athletics was founded and the Lasers became a member of the Orange Empire Conference (OEC), the nation’s best community college conference. It only took that first season to establish a sense of competitive excellence at Irvine Valley as the men’s soccer team won the school's first conference title. Since that time, IVC has captured 12 national championships, 15 state crowns and 24 conference titles. The most recent state titles came with women's golf in the fall of 2010 and women's badminton and men's volleyball in the spring of 2011.
Campus Amenities The IVC Library is committed to supporting the College’s mission as a caring community of learning by providing convenient and effective access to high quality library services, collections in a variety of formats, and information resources designed to meet the