Irving Penn Beyond Beauty

Words: 2011
Pages: 9

"A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart, and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it; it is in one word, effective" (“Irving Penn Biography...”). Irving Penn was an extraordinary photographer whose career expanded across over seventy years. Considered to be one of the twentieth century’s most influential photographers, Irving Penn used each image to make a statement and to make his audience feel something (“Irving Penn Biography...”). Throughout his career, he had a long-lasting relationship with Vogue magazine as one of their photographers. His images were unique and emoted classical elegance, expanding upon what is considered fashion (“Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty”). He had a knack for portraying famous celebrities in a vulnerable state, and making his audience question the ties between fame and art (“Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty”). The Art Experience covered many topics that a viewer should understand when analyzing Irving …show more content…
Photography, and art, separately and in relation to each other” (“Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty”). The exhibit is breathtaking; the photographs are arranged in order from present to past. Attendees first experience Penn’s later work, photographs that question what is considered beauty and art (“Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty”). It then goes from his high-fashion images to his Surrealist inspired work from his earlier years (“Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty”). It is beautiful to see the progression he had as both a photographer and an artist, and how much meaning was behind each and every image. Some of the images that stood out to me in the exhibit were Bedside Lamp and Bee, but my favorite by far was his Cigarette series. In the exhibit, both Cigarette No. 37 and Cigarette No. 17 are on