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1. What is a backup system in an IT field?
A: In the IT field, a backup is a system which refers to the copying and archiving of computer data so it is used to restore the original data that you save after a data loss event.
2. Why do the businesses need backup system?
A: In this information era, enterprises control large numbers of information, which include customer’s information, financial data, and inventories, are mainly stored in the company’s information systems. If enterprises do not back up all of that information such as the profiles of costumers, financial statements, the losses of data will cause a serious loss to the company even lead company close down. Therefore, backup system is very necessary to business.

3. Explain different methods that backup systems are using to perform backup?
A: Method 1-Backing up data in the hard disk which is a device commonly used for storing and retrieving digital information, primarily computer data. The main advantages of hard disk storage are low access times, availability, capacity and ease of use. However, the main disadvantages of hard disk backups are that they are easily damaged and their stability over periods of years is relative unknown.

Method 2-Backing up data via internet to a remote location, it’s called remote backup services which can protect against some worst-case scenarios such as fires, floods, or earthquakes. However, the advantages of remote backups are slow and distrust between users and third party providers.
Method 3-Backing up data in optical storage. This is very common way to store personal information. Low-cost is its advantage, but the small