Is Cheerleading A Sport Essay

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The Sport of Cheerleading When you hear the word “sport” what is the first thought that comes to mind. Football? Rugby? I’m sure cheerleading falls somewhere on the bottom if it even makes that list. What some people don’t realize is the amount of physical endurance that is needed. Cheerleaders are throwing girls 5-10 feet in the air and catching them with ease. The complex routines that are memorized and executed to look as if they are one swift motion. And while you may think that “prancing around smiling” shouldn’t technically be considered a sport, the AACCA thinks differently. They have created and passed new laws that count cheerleading as a sport. These laws put a bold line on what is required for cheerleaders, safety requirements, new rules, and legal/illegal stunts are all applied. It also put a regulation on the coaches, they have to be professionally trained and willing to give it their all. The new laws and regulations should give cheerleaders a justice towards the newfound sport. …show more content…
They get judged and “graded” based on how smooth and clean they preformed their routine. Not only that but cheerleading in most cases is self-funded. “Cheerleading has not enjoyed its own competition system like other high school sports.” The attention other sports get with CIF and state championships is most likely funded by the school, where as cheer is self funded by fundraisers and donations. See all those carwashes and garage sales with a bunch of teenage girls around them? They most likely are for the benefit of a cheer team. “These girls have put in the same hard work and dedication of students in other sports, and this will go a long way to helping these girls succeed and receive the respect they've earned.” (gonzalez) The passing of the laws that make cheer a sport are a great reward for the years of dedication many people have put in towards making it a